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Continu Named ‘High Performer’ by G2

G2 has named Continu a ‘High Performer’ in the Corporate Learning Management System category.

Continu Updates
Introducing Zoom for Continu - Train Your Team Virtually

Zoom for Continu makes it easy to convert any Workshop from an Online event to a virtual Zoom session.

Continu Updates
Continu Partners with LinkedIn Learning

We’ve partnered with LinkedIn Learning to bring more learning possibilities for your training and development!

Continu Updates
Introducing: Assessments by Continu

One of the biggest challenges we’ve heard of is that it’s often difficult to assess competency.

Continu Updates
How We Manage Our Remote Team (And 8 Tips for You)

We’ve created a remote team with members across the world at Continu. And we’ve learned a lot of lessons in the process.

Continu Updates
How We Accidentally Became a Remote Team

We never meant to become a remote company.

Continu Updates
Selling Vision: How We Sold $250,000 of Product Without a Product

We never intended to sell a product before writing a single line of code. It just happened that way.

Continu Updates
Continu Selected for This Year's Entrepreneur 360 List

‍Continu is thrilled to be included on this year's Entrepreneur 360 list

Continu Updates
Salesforce + Continu = Optimal Sales Enablement

Here are just a few ways you can get the most out of your Continu + Salesforce integration

Continu Updates
Search for People and Skills with Continu

Here at Continu, we've always believed that learning should be blended (both online and in-person).

Here’s how to bring Continu to your organization today.

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