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Continuous Learning

Engage your users where and when they develop best. Continu simplifies the way content is ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ to provide just in time learning.

A Beautiful User Experience

Continu isn’t a clunky legacy system of the past, it’s a modern learning platform built for the challenges of todays workplace.

Real-time Insights

Make data driven decisions by measuring the quality of your users engagement with your content - get answers to help drive real business outcomes.

All in One

Increase engagement and create a learning culture , by leveraging Continu as your central hub for all company-specific content.

Better Together

Learning is better together. Continu connects your content to your people by providing them with the tools to collaborate and share.


"Eventbrite and Continu have a shared vision, to support a culture of curiosity, growth, and collaboration, and that's why we chose to work together. We wanted a product that would not only help us focus on supporting our people and business, but also provide users with a compelling and beautiful experience."

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