Your Friends Deserve A Superior Learning Experience

Get high-value rewards everytime you refer a friend!

How it works?

1. Complete the Form

1. Complete the Form

Complete the form with your information and your referral`s information! Be sure to provide accurate information.

2. Refer a Friend

2. Refer a Friend

Our team will reach out to your referral, and learn about their needs.

3. Get Rewarded

3. Get Rewarded

Once your referral has connected with us, and requested a demo, you get rewarded!

Receive Up to $1,500 in Gifts Cards

Each time you refer a company, our team will reach out to your contact. If your contact accepts our request for a demo, Continu will reward you each time. Our rewards are based on your referral, their company size, and their industry. Based on each of these factors, you will receive a gift card worth anywhere between $50 to up to $1,500.

But that is not all. You receive a reward each time you fill out this form, and schedule a call with your referral.

If you make 10 referral, you get 10 rewards! Yes, it is true.

Get a Mac Book Pro, iPad Mini or Both!

We reward you for a referral.

But what happens when your referral becomes our customer? Well! In that case, you will receive a brand new Mac Book Pro, or an iPad Mini, and depending on your referral's company size, you might get both!

These high-value gifts will be delivered right to your door-step!